Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thanks to the magic of the Verizon aircard, I am writing this from the comfort of my passenger seat lounge chair (feet up) as we roll north on Interstate 5 from Portland to Gig Harbor, Washington. We're planning to spend a couple days there visiting with our traveling friends, Jim and Diane.

Due to the noise of jet plans taking off overhead, we didn't care much for our RV park in Portland - except that it had easy access to the metro line to downtown and excellent walking along the levee on the south side of the Columbia River with some great views. We picked it for convenience, anticipating a visit with my friends Becky and Jewel from Sacramento.

What a great time I had with them! Becky flew, Jewel drove, and we all met at the downtown hotel where they were staying. I did a sleep-over with them Tuesday night, and we spent all our time talking, eating, walking, and shopping. Odel got a night to himself.

I can never resist the food shots, and my two days in Portland with Becky and Jewel were no exception. However, instead of photos of our delicous lunch, the bakery window displays, the delightful fresh produce... take a close look at this, the window display of a yarn shop we passed as we walked to dinner (double click on the photo if you want to enlarge it), proof that food is on the minds of everyone in Portland, not just me.


  1. I know that all the food that you ate is on the south beach plan
    Barry and Jan Kessler

  2. What a clever way to advertise their yarn...