Friday, August 3, 2007


As of yesterday morning, we have officially begun our "caretaking" duties at the Dopps' property. Our crop of photos has grown during the past few days, but we've been too busy learning about the property and the area for me to keep up with posting 'em.

So, here are more photos and fewer words than usual.

The first photo shows Scoopy in Full Deployment mode: everything is hooked up, screens and flags in place, chairs out, awning down. It takes us about an hour to set up like this, and about an hour to get ready to leave.

Note Queen Luna on her "grass". She doesn't like the hot driveway bricks on her feet in the afternoon, so we make sure her lawn is out.

I took this shot the first evening we were on the property. Luna had a lot of exploring to do once we got set up.

Our main responsibility here is to keep the plants alive and the garden harvested. This photo shows the little Red Barn in one corner of the vegetable garden.

Right now, the green beans, cucumbers and zucchini need daily harvesting. There are way more than we can eat but, if they aren't harvested frequently, the plants falter - so we get out there and pick!

This delightful, shady deck is 30 steps in front of Scoopy. We, Luna, and a couple of the other neighborhood cats spend a lot of time here.

The Dopps' little neighborhood is situated along a grassy airfield, two rows of around a dozen houses each separated by a road/taxiway. Using it as a road, cars can access the homes; as a taxiway, planes drive to either end to access the airstrip. Planes have the right-of-way on the road, and just about everyone owns a plane (including the Dopps).

In this photo, our neighbors are heading out of their driveway to the taxiway.

Now the plane has left the driveway and is heading down the taxiway. At the end, they will cut through the houses on a grassy accessway to the airfield, then take off. Of course, Odel and I ran around to the other end of the airstrip to watch, and the Johnsons waggled their wings at us as they flew over our heads.

They were back home in a couple hours... they had flown to breakfast over near Salem!

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