Thursday, February 1, 2007


This is the tequila distillery in La Noria, Sinaloa, Mexico.

La Noria is known for leathercraft (they make most of the saddles for the Sinaloan cowboys) AND for their tequila distillery. We paid a visit yesterday, had a little self-guided tour, then moved to the tasting bar.

The experience was not dissimilar to visiting a wine-tasting room in California, except that you salt your hand and follow up each swallow of tequila with a big bite of lime! Our entire group participated, and most of us left with an expensive bottle of alcohol.

The things like look like giant pineapples are the hearts of the blue agave, the plants in the other photo. The "leaves" are chopped off (producing the hearts), the hearts are cooked and distilled, and we enjoy the end result.

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  1. Hi, just found your BLOG from the BBB on a comment you made. Am really enjoying reading about your adventures. Looking at the tequila plant, I just saw a special on TV about the tequila in Mexico, it was very interesting. Looking forward to hearing about many more adventures!
    Hugs, Sharon & Ron Mead