Sunday, February 18, 2007


For us, the end of the fireworks at midnight marked the end of the evening, but for many it was just the beginning of a street party that would last until 5 am. We headed away from the beach to find transportation home, against the flow of couples, groups of teenagers, three generation families with infants and toddlers… most heading towards the throbbing music coming from the beach, others eating hot dogs or tacos, many wearing masks, crowns, jester hats, flashing lights. Everyone smiling, happy, strolling, holding hands, nuzzling.

We walked back to the cathedral, where we eventually found a pulmonia, the open-air, golf-cart like vehicle that tears around Mazatlan day and night. We hopped aboard, and I took this photo as our pulmonia and this one leapfrogged each other in the heavy traffic.

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