Saturday, January 15, 2011


Rocks and cactusYippee!  After working like ants for several days, we’ve been able to carve out hiking time over the last few days.  Arizona surely is one of the least hospitable places for hiking – rocky and thorny – but it is always a pleasure to be out in the wide open spaces with views all around.  Rocky, thorny, and arid is gorgeous when the temperature is 72 degrees! 

We’re in good shape for the upcoming renovations.  We’ve finalized the list of work to be done and when we return to Phoenix after our week in Quartzsite, we will buy our new TV at Costco, along with a DVD/Blu-Ray player.   We'll go to Blinds Co. to order our shades and windshield wrap.  The carpet, which we ordered on Tuesday, has already arrived! 

We’ll have Scoopy back at RV Renovators on 1/26.  So far, our experience has been mixed… almost all good, but with a few glitches.  Our service writer, Eddie, walked though Scoopy with us, discussed all our plans thoroughly, and made many helpful suggestions, then gave us a verbal estimate on the time each item will take.  Before we left for Q, I wanted the estimate in writing to make sure we are all on the same page.  Eddie promised to email it to us three days ago, and it has yet to arrive, in spite of a reminder phone call.

Odel and I are obsessive about detail (perhaps you might even say “overly obsessive”), so I try not to read too much into this lapse.  Still, as every RV’er knows, having ANY work done on your rig is more often a negative experience than a positive one, so we’re trained to be sensitive to any hint that things are not happening smoothly and on schedule.  In the few days we spent at RV Renovators, we were impressed by the level of service we observed and experienced – but it was obvious that Eddie never had enough time in his day. 

Spines and rocksWe’ve heard a lot of good things about RV Renovators, so we’re expecting a good experience once we get underway.  (Pause for positive visualization – and repeat as necessary.)

Did I mention that we’ve rented a loft for the month that we are out of the motorhome?  It is just north of downtown Phoenix with light rail access right outside the door.  Our friends Margaret and Ian live in the same building.  The loft and the location are magnitudes of sophistication above than the norm of our RV’ing life - from the desert at Q to living across the street from the Phoenix Art Museum!  It will be a fun change to have convenient access to big-city amenities.

A couple of days ago, we scoped out the parking situation at the loft, hoping we could park Scoopy in the lot while we moved into the loft, and again a month later when we reverse the process.  It looks like a good plan – but seriously considering the amount of stuff we need to move totally motivated me to get rid of our excess baggage BEFORE the move.

GiveawaysYesterday afternoon, I spent a couple hours weeding through our shelves and cupboards.  You’d think that RV’ers wouldn’t carry around a bunch of excess stuff, but we’re just like everyone else – we save everything we have room to store!  From the kitchen, I dumped old spices and dried up condiments, along with plastic bags containing tiny bits of rice, grain, or flour.  A baggie with two old crackers.  Another one with a couple tablespoons of pecan crumbs.  Sheesh.

Next, it was on to the book collection, where I had to be painfully ruthless (yes, perhaps there IS a Kindle in my future!).  Games we never play, a small food chopper and a tea brewer from under the bed that went into the giveaway box, too.  This is the perfect time to get inspired, because the Boomers at Q will no doubt haul into their OWN rigs the stuff we are purging from OURS. 

It is AMAZING how much paper arrives and hangs around!  I collected a box full of old magazines and miscellaneous crap from baskets, wire organizers, files and horizontal surfaces.  Between papers, magazines, and my kitchen gleanings, Odel hauled two loads of trash to the dumpster.  I  have a box of good-but-unwanted stuff and two bags full of books – at least 50 pounds of excess baggage to eliminate.  

Nothing like the thought of moving to get one motivated!


  1. I'm sure everything will come out well for you on your renovation, but follow your instincts. Anxious to see the end results!

  2. moving on up..good for you for purging all the unneccessary is amazing what we deem to keep even in a real house..real house or house on wheels..a house just the same!..good luck with the renos!..hope you get the email soon..Me?..I hate waiting for things.

  3. When we came home this December, and we knew the Hiker wasn't moving for a while, we took tons of stuff out. Den winterized it, but we had to bring in ANYTHING that would freeze..
    Sometimes it really feels good to clean stuff out..Why do we save so much ?? Maybe it's our age...My mom and dad didn't throw anyting out!...McGuyver is just like that...a collector.

  4. After reading this, and looking around my office space/art storage area, I wonder how many lbs. of unnecessary stuff I could eliminate without ever missing it. It's the curse of being creative, I save neat stuff, interesting stuff, cool stuff and I could make a (insert something here) outta this.... I applaud your practical efficiency.

  5. Purging the unneeded stuff is rather sanctifying huh! It's just one of those feelings that leaves you feeling good like a couple of cleansing breaths!
    Enjoy your friends, the loft, the sights, and give us a peek into your new digs once it's complete. Can't wait.

  6. When I moved from one rig to another last May, I did the same thing. Sometimes it takes something drastic to get that job done. Haven't missed anything I got rid of either. :)

  7. We have done the purge of unnecessary items a couple of times and it really needs to be done again... I am indeed a pack rat!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  8. I can't get Craig to look around the house and get rid of anything! I wonder how much extra stuff we will end up with in a rig.

  9. You're getting rid of your SEQUENCE game? We want it!!! Played that at my brothers one time & loved it.....bring it over and teach us how to play. :)!! See you guys on Monday! J&C

  10. Thanks so much for the crap you gave us this evening!!! We will certainly use the books during our year of adventure! It was so awesome to get to meet you two ~ our first ones to come face to face with from my blogging experience, and a favorite at that!!! Hope we can meet up again along the highways and byways!!!

    Happy Trails and renovations! Oh yeah, and body work too...

  11. Like Nick Russel of the Gypsy Journal says, "They are always making more stuff"!

  12. Sounds like all of your planning is coming to fruition. It will be ever so good to get moved back in after the job is done !

  13. An RV purge sounds like it's good for us right now too...before we load up for vacation it would be good to go through and remove some of the unneeded stuff. I have already gotten rid of things in a campground that are still usable by setting them in the laundry room with a FREE note taped to them!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. Every spring I make an attempt...unbelieveable all the stuff. Then in the winter the same drill. I don't need my rubber boat and lifejackets, but I need my snowmobile stuff.Probably a good idea to do it two times a year...Sometimes I find treasures I thought I lost..Hope you two are happy with the new ride!

  15. Let's see some photos of the loft!

  16. I love to play Sequence --it is a great game!! Don't get rid of it unless you throw it my way!!
    As far as throwing things out --I am the worlds worst...I am on a 2-0 kick Bring 2 in throw out 0...good luck on the renovation


  17. Being fulltimers, there is always a need to purge. We do it once per year. If an item has not been used in a year, it goes. We do not have the space to keep things we do not use. This is done each winter as we are settled for a few months. It is always amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a year!