Wednesday, January 12, 2011


On Sunday morning, after a last walk at Usery Mountain Park, we moved around 15 miles to Apache Palms RV Park (click here to read our review and see photos) – a short drive, but a world away.  We are in the middle of Tempe, one of the many towns solidly embedded in the Phoenix metro area.  Very urban, very unusual for us – but it makes easy the research and purchases required for our renovations.

I’ve taken a lot of photos since we arrived; here’s a nice selection!

My morning chores New and Old carpet and tile

The left-hand photo above shows my work area, usually reasonably tidy each morning – but not these days!  Papers, notes, maps and a to-do list for the entire week, consulted and updated several times a day.  The photo on the right is a sample square of our newly chosen carpeting against our current carpet and our kitchen tile.  As you can see, the new carpet won’t be much of a departure from our current color scheme!

Ledge with lip Length of opening

And then I’ve taken LOTS of photos like these!  We spotted the useful, behind-the-sofa ledge on the left in John and Brenda’s motorhome and I knew right away that is an addition I would like to make to our own motorhome.  Ours will be 72” long and about 6 inches wide, a handy spot to set a holder for the remotes, a couple coasters for a beverage… maybe we’ll even have a magazine rack built in.

The big news today?  After endless hours of research, Odel found the TV he wants during our Costco shopping trip (stocking up for Q!).  Several Boomers have sent us great suggestions for how it can be mounted, and Odel has decided on a Vizio Razor, only 1.5 inches deep and super-lightweight.  He seems quite delighted – both by the TV AND by the fact that a decision has been made!

More decisions to come, one by one.

A margarita (Costco’s Kirkland brand pre-mixed margaritas – tequila included – custom-blended with a dash of Grand Mariner by Odel) just appeared at my workstation.  Work day over! 


  1. Nice, enjoy your Margarita. I am sure glad I had dusted that ledge before you took that picture lol

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  2. Have never tried the Costco margarita mix but bought some yesterday--sounds great!

  3. I love the behind-the-sofa ledge. What a great idea!

  4. Can't wait to see pics of the renovations and of Odel fixated on the new TV, drink in hand, smile on his face!


  5. As per the behind the sofa ledge, is it one of those recinable sofas that turns into a bed? I was looking at mine today after reading about that shelf, and wondered what the consequences are if it is reclinable. :)

  6. Love the idea of a table behind the couch.

    The margarita mix from Costco - is the tequila mixed in when you buy it? Where at in Costco? Freezer section?

    The margarita sounds wonderful.

  7. Brenda: Ha, ha. I had several that showed your other ledge, the one with the magazine rack and the cup holders - you would not have wanted to see them on the blog. :)

    Judy: Yes, we have the reclining sofa. I slept on it (reclined) one night and knew that no one would ever do it again (too uncomfortable). If we have an overnight guest (which we never plan to do), they would be more comfortable sleeping on the sofa in unreclined position - so it isn't an issue for us. Far better to have the margarita shelf. :)

    Ali: Yes, the tequila is already mixed in, and you buy it in a BIG bottle in the booze section, unrefrigerated - around $11, I think. We found it a little weak, so mixed in some tequila (this was our experiment with our first bottle), then decided that Grand Marnier was just the ticket - a little extra bit of alcohol, but also a bit of sweetness - the margaritas are rather tart straight from the bottle. Not that I drink straight out of the bottle, of course!

  8. I too love the behind the sofa ledge. Gotta put this on the list...

  9. Looks like lots of good ideas for the renovations....we have a Vizio and love it..never heard of a razor. Could Odel drop one of those Margueritas off here at my work station?..yummy!

  10. The margarita sounds good but the rest sounds like a lot of work... We will soon being going through renovations too replacing all of the TVs, new satelite system and some tile in the kitchen... I have mirrors now and don't like them at all. Renovations are a lot better then spending another fortune on a new rig don't you think?
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  11. A well deserved margarita after all that planning. Enjoying watching the remodel process thru your blog.

  12. Boring? You? Impossible! Even doing stuff that might be boring to some, you are never boring. Always fun to read your take on the world.

  13. That behind-the-couch shelf would also be a perfect perch for a new cat to look outside, should you be inclined to do that sometime in the future :)

    Love the new carpet color. Wish we could have something darker like that in our rig to replace our gold (or used-to-be gold) carpet.

    Have fun making your new selections. And ALWAYS follow those tiring decisions with a margarita.

    P.S. We had one of those bigger back-in sites at Apache Palms which may be why we liked it so much.


  14. I love your renovation idea! and I can't WAIT to pull up my carpet and put in some new stuff. I'll be following to see how "easy / hard" that job actually is! Thanks for sharing!