Friday, January 28, 2011


Eight hours a day sleeping.  Several hours a day running around doing renovation related errands.  An hour a day exercising and perhaps an hour or two eating.  The remainder of the day?  Wandering around our rented loft asking “Have you seen the [whatever]?” or “Where is the switch for THAT light?”

Moving out of our custom-fit motorhome, where everything has it’s place, we know where that place is, and it isn’t more than a few steps away, has turned our world upside down – and looking around the loft, you might say our world has been turned upside down and SHAKEN!  I don’t know if we will ever figure out where everything is before it is time to move back home.

Downtown with Library

We’re making the most of it, though, taking advantage of what the loft building has to offer.  On our floor, just around the corner from our loft door, is a small exercise area with two treadmills and an elliptical trainer.  Between Odel’s stiff knee and my bruised foot (don’t know how that happened), we’ve had to cut back on our long walks/hikes, but the elliptical trainer is a welcome, pain free way for us to exercise.

Happy HourFour floors up, on the roof, a small lounge area (complete with fireplace and grill) faces south, towards downtown Phoenix – the PERFECT place for our relaxing happy hour as the sun sinks towards the horizon. 

Yesterday was a day of decisions and spending: new Vizio 26” flat screen TV (to replace our clunky, HEAVY old TV up over the dashboard); new Sony Blu-ray/DVD player; new JVC wireless headset for Odel.  All that gear will be hauled over to RV Renovators today so they can plan the reconfiguration of the TV cabinetry (or we can exchange anything that won’t fit).  Carpet removal began two days ago, so perhaps we will get to see (and photograph) some progress on the carpet replacement.

Our other task for today is a visit to Blinds Co. to place an order for new day/night shades and our windshield wrap.  Their manufacture is estimated to take two weeks, so we need to get the process underway.

And then?  Back to the rooftop lounge, Costco margaritas in hand – definitely something to look forward to after a day of avoiding Phoenix’s crazy drivers.  :) 


  1. Sounds like you have the perfect spot to sit on the balcony and relax with a cocktail...I'm sure you need it after all the running around! Can't wait to see your new insides of the rig!! and..I could think of worse places to have a loft apartment than Phoenix!!!

  2. Love the view from the roof top. Will give you a shout when we know we are going through Phoenix.

  3. Does the place seem to echo? Love roof decks.

  4. Nice Happy Hour spot Laurie. Enjoy

    Brenda Brown

  5. looks like great spot to enjoy your 'happy hour'..soon you will have your home on wheels back!!

  6. The best part of your day--margaritas on the rooftop, what a cool place to relax while your motorhome is being spruced up!

  7. It was GREAT to see you both at Boomerville. Wow, that looks like a great place you have rented. Enjoy all the perks, especially the elliptical which we always use when we are on cruise ships. Sending big hugs to you both and hoping that all your renovations turn out perfectly!
    Love, Mary & Elaine

  8. Margaritas at happy hour with a nice view of the city. Now how could one ask for more than that? You will love the new stuff. We just finished a renovation of our coach last summer and we could not be happier. We still need to replace the old carpet however, and that will happen this spring.