Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Progress on all fronts! 

A solution to our problems? First, since many of you have asked: my back has recovered.  After we visited the chiropractor in Lordsburg last week and she got my top half and bottom half moving in the same direction, each day brought gradual improvement.  I can hike, twist, put on my socks and shoes, make the bed – all the stuff I take for granted each and every day.  Thanks for all your good wishes.

Next, Luna.  Don’t read this paragraph if you are disinterested in her bodily functions (you probably don’t have a pet?) – amazingly, many of our readers/correspondents are!  Yes, she pooped – and the act of closely monitoring each trip to the cat box gave me what I think is the next clue to the puzzle of her health problem.  I dawned on me Tuesday morning that she was peeing at least twice as much as normal, and about three times as much as she was taking in… and all the while feeling better and better.  The bloating was not from lack of pooping, but from fluid retention! 

Eliminating copious amounts of fluid coincided with the end to her lethargy and a return to her normal, well established patterns of sleep, play, and demands.  So… what causes the fluid retention?  A comment from the emergency vet about a “gallop rhythm” in her heartbeat might be another clue – a heart problem?  So we are in a holding pattern, waiting to see if it happens again.  If so, we’re off to the vet with our new observations.  If not… we’ll see.

Rough terrain at Rock Hound State Park The leaking toilet:  Odel lined up a visit from a mobile repair service in town, Larry’s RV & Marine Repair.  What a great guy!  Larry was personable, funny and incredibly knowledgeable!  In less than an hour, he had installed a shut-off valve on the fresh water supply to the toilet (can you believe they make RV’s without such a thing??!), fixed the seal that was leaking and replaced the cracked and leaking sprayer unit.  He gave us some excellent advice on our pump problem, which will keep it going until we get a replacement from Shur-Flo.  I wish EVERY city had a Larry.  His phone his phone number is 575-373-4979 (office) or 575-649-0139 (mobile).  I added our recommendation to

With Luna feeling better, our only complication left at the end of the day Monday was THE MAIL.  While in Rodeo, with firm plans to head next to Deming, we had both our personal mail and the Boomer mail sent c/o General Delivery, Deming, New Mexico.  We felt a tug as we roared past Deming heading east on Sunday; on Tuesday, we took the Jeep 60 miles back to Deming and picked up our two packages of mail.

No point in making a 120 miles round trip for a bunch of bills and a few checks from renewing Boomers!  With the mail safely in hand, we headed to St. Clair Winery, the largest in New Mexico, following up on a suggestion on our friend Bobbie’s blog.  I had been most intrigued by her comment that she and Jim ALWAYS visit the winery when near Deming to refill their half gallon jug with custom-blended red wine (the blend being dry wine and sweet wine, in a ratio appealing to your palate).   

Odel at St. Clair Winery Laurie in the tasting room.

We spent about an hour at the winery, a friendly and unpretentious spot with a long roster of wines, about half of which were available for tasting.  We bought a couple reds, and Odel tried a Riesling he enjoyed, so three more bottles went into the box.  I tried a selection of their fruit blend wines, and ended up with a peach (and grape) wine and a pomegranate (and grape wine), both to be saved for a hot summer afternoon - such a fantasy at the moment!

We added to that a half gallon of red wine, 5% sweet and 95% dry.  Sold in a jug with a screw top lid, it is to be consumed within two weeks – we’ll each be sure to have our “medicinal glass” of red daily.  Cost?  $3 for the refillable jug; $6 for the contents.  Trader Joe’s, eat your heart out!

Taking in the view at Rock Hound State Park NM Mellowed from our wine tasting, we continued down the (deserted) road to Rock Hound State Park.  We had a grand day for hiking: cool temperatures with lots of sunshine and no wind.  Thumping along the steep, rocky trail felt GOOD!  We relaxed on a trailside bench, looking down from our high perch to the campground, and to Deming in the far distance.  The wine, the sunshine, the exertion, the cooing of quail exploring among the cactus – it all conspired to quiet our thoughts and bring us into the pleasant present moment.  Life is good, indeed.


  1. All sounds good! Interesting observation on Luna -- hope it helps down the road. And thanks for the tip on the winery. We've been through there a number of times but never stopped -- sounds like it's worth a visit.

  2. Glad you enjoyed St. Clair Winery. Now you understand why it is a MUST stop for us when anywhere near Deming. Bobbie

  3. We stayed at Rockhound State Park 3 years ago & walked that very same trail. When you say you are able to twist again.....does that have anything to do with Chubby Checker. Saw him once up in Canada at Lulu's Roadhouse years ago & yes, he was a twistin. That's good news on Luna:)) AL.

  4. That's good you're starting to figure things out with Luna. It helps to not be in emergency mode.

    St. Clair Winery sounds like our kind of place. Love the idea of the custom blend on the half gallon, and the price...makes Trader Joe's sound like a splurge.

    Keep moving. You've got a lot of ground to cover to catch us.

  5. Laurie, I was quite interested to read your story about how much your back has recovered - right next to a picture of a gallon jug of wine!! Are you trying to tell us something about how to cure what ails us? Sure glad to hear Luna is feeling much better too.

  6. Oh, I thought maybe you were giving the wine to Luna. Did you get my card in that Deming mail pick-up? ~BB

  7. It is so nice to read your blog - always with such a positive attitude (and I am sure the wine contributes too). Happy Luna feels better.
    And thanks for mentioning Larry - we will sure use his services if in the area. More than that - it is great to know about RVServices web site.
    Always learning ....

  8. I haven't notice you mention the museum in Deming. This was one of the most elaborate and interesting museums we've ever visited. And in such a small town as Deming, too! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see this museum. It is a rather large two story building that seems to go on and on. It will take you many hours to see it all. And it is *all* interesting and well presented. The name of the place is Deming Luna Mimbres Museum. The url is

    -- jcw

  9. Thanks for the tip, JC. The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum had been recommended to us by a few others, too - and was on our agenda for our planned stay. That went by the wayside when we ended up in staying Las Cruces instead of Deming (wineries trump museums for us). One more thing that will have to wait until "next time". :(