Sunday, January 31, 2010


Cibolo Boardwalk It’s 9:30 am, and the temperature here in Boerne has just risen above freezing: 32.2 degrees.  Up here on the hilltop, we are in a cold, wet fog.  Odel went out to see if we could switch from the water tank/pump (which we use at night when temperatures fall below freezing) to the water spigot/hose… nope, that water spigot is still frozen.  Inside, we are toasty warm, thanks to our wonderful new Kozy World heater.

Looks like it will be a lazy day today… as have been the last few.  Once the skies cleared from the heavy storm that passed through early in our stay, we got out to do a little sightseeing and walking, though the temperatures have been very low.  We still haven’t explored the small town of Boerne – I intend to do that this afternoon, waiting for it to warm up a bit.

Cooking has been my entertainment these past few days, and I have several new recipes I will to add to the blog (soon).  Last night I tried a recipe sent by my cousin Donna, who lives in Wisconsin – so knows what COLD means.  She commented that it was a great meal to warm you up on a cold night, and she was RIGHT. 

Guadalupe River State Park“Peanutty Chicken Stew” is thick, spicy, nutty and delicious.  It uses white rice, which I don’t keep on hand – but it just so happened that I’d seen a pound of Louisiana Popcorn Rice at the great H.E.B. store (one of the best things about Texas!) when we were picking up groceries in Boerne, and I added it to my cart.  It was perfect in the new dish (which I think would be delicious WITHOUT the chicken, too, if you prefer vegetarian).  Recipe coming soon.

I’m also experimenting with my blog a little bit.  The photos I use aren’t always explained by the text, so I commonly use “hover text” to caption the photos – but I have the feeling that many readers don’t know/remember that they can hover their cursor over the photo to read that caption.  I haven’t found a good way to caption photos yet  - but I’m still trying.  :)


  1. There are always things I'd like to do to spiff up my blog, but usually end up deciding to leave well enough alone!

    It's cold everywhere, girlfriend! Who would have thought coastal Georgia would be cold in winter? I certainly didn't. I hope to leave for Cali in a month and will soon be moaning about the heat.

  2. You have to try Sprouts and or Newflower while in Texas. Not sure if any in Boerne. San Antonio may have a couple. Austin has them on the North and South sides.

    We have started using them exclusively for all our produce and some meats.

    Check their web sites for their locations around the country.

    Sorry for this nasty cold weather we are having. But, It's TX and January.


  3. So glad the stew turned out. I always wondered if tofu could work instead of chicken, since that often takes on the flavors of what it's cooked with.
    Stay warm!!