Thursday, January 28, 2010


First:  We are overwhelmed by the many blog comments, FaceBook comments, and individual emails we have received from friends and from otherwise silent readers.  Your communications – from the simplest line of condolence to the eloquent remembrance of your own special pets – have brought tears to our eyes and comfort to our hearts.  It obvious that many of you share or have shared special bonds with your feline/canine companions. Thank you, friends.  We are gradually adjusting to our new circumstances - less crying and more thoughts about the joyous times that Luna brought to us.

EATS at the historic Pop Po Restaurant Yesterday dawned cloudy, gray and bleak, just like my mood.  We continued rearranging our space and lives around the new reality.  The last step was to vacuum thoroughly – even the tiniest bit of kitty litter scattered on the rug was enough to set tears welling into my eyes.  Yet another round of crying followed this task, as I felt I was erasing all signs of Luna from our lives.  Just as I recovered my composure…

A car pulled up in our driveway, and two strangers got out.  I went to the door, and Phil and Rose brought their bright light into our home.  Phil has followed our blog (mostly silently) for several months, and reminded me that we had exchanged email previously about the full-timing life.  Canadians, they are wintering in Bandera, Texas, not far from here.  They couldn’t have come at a better time!

After a brief conversation about Luna – who they knew from this blog – and a few fresh tears from me, they diverted us back to thoughts of the larger world with those topics of interest to all RVers: travel stories, problems with our rigs, comments on various travel “styles”, and food.  Mellow and engaging, we were soon smiling and laughing with these new friends, who appeared at just the right moment.  Thanks SO MUCH, Phil and Rose.  Phil, today’s photos are especially for you, from dinner at the nearby Po Po Restaurant.  :)

Fried Chicken Fried Catfish

Odel’s Fried Half Chicken Diner

Laurie’s Fried Catfish Dinner

Chicken gone Catfish gone

Odel’s Fried Chicken 30 minutes later.

Laurie’s Fried Catfish 30 minutes later.

They headed out after a couple hours (I think – time flew by) and we had a bit of time before our next visitor, our good friend Jeff (Tucson, Crater Lake, Ft. Davis).  He and Margaret are in Kerrville, 20 miles or so west of here, and he stopped by on this way home after some dental work in San Antonio.  He and Margaret are “cat people”, who have suffered the loss of their own feline companion recently, and who knew Luna.  Again, our spirits were lifted by friendship.  Thanks, Jeff.

Many full timers have expressed to us one of the big surprises of our chosen lifestyle: we have more, and often closer, friends as full timers than we did in our prior, stationary lives.  They are spread widely, but always ready to help.  We know them through blogs, newsletters, and email – and yesterday, they appeared when they were most needed, and most appreciated.  Thanks, many thanks, to all of you who have expressed your friendship and care.


  1. Having more meaningful & closer friends on the road than we do at home is something we have noticed as well, even as snowbirders.

  2. Your Luna looks remarkably like the two cats I had. The girls were in my life for about 16 years. They were the best companions I could have asked for. They were great listeners and never once told me I needed to lose weight or questioned my fashion sense. They've been gone 10 years and I still miss them.

  3. Glad to see you had some visitors, it sure helps to talk to friends who have gone thru the same experience. Take care.

  4. I was thinking last night about your comment regarding the closeness of your RV'ing friends. I've noticed that in the blogs. I wonder if the fact that in order to live this life style, whether it's full time or part time, you've had to declutter your lives, esp physically, which in itself is very freeing. Plus, you all can, pretty much, do whatever you want, whenever you want. It's the epitome of freedom which is a very basic yearning. I think that would make for happy people who would then attract other happy people who are open and caring and fun. Anyway, sitting here at -2 degrees with a windchill of -24, I think it would be wonderful to be able to LEAVE!!!
    love you guys-- I promise it will be warmer when you come to vist this summer??

  5. Laurie & Odel,

    Though I’m not an ‘official’ follower of your wonderful blog, I have checked in every few days to read it and I’m enjoying it immensely.

    I was stunned and saddened to read the blog on the 27th when you wrote to tell all of us about Luna. I join with all of the other followers who have sent along their expressions of deepest sympathy.

    I’m the gal that you two so kindly helped back her 5th wheel onto her site next to you at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa this past October!! Because I’ve made the choice to not have any pets travel along with me right now, I’ve been getting my ‘pet fixes’ via all the wonderful variety of pets coming ‘n going at the parks I’m either workamping at or staying at while traveling!! I never did get the chance to pet or play with Luna while there but I wanted to share with you that I truly enjoyed watching her each morning / afternoon that she was out ‘n about near our sites there at Skyline.

    Thinking of you and wishing your hearts to heal soon,

  6. Laurie & Odie, My wife Donna and I are like Pres. Nixons "Silent Majority" well once in a great while not completely silent, we have been following you & Odie silently for some months and share your greaf over Kuna's loss, we have not started to full time yet, hopefully Donna will retire in a few months and as soon as the house is gone, we are too. We lost our Lab/husky mix of 14 years last year. and it truly was as bad as a family member of the human variety, Luckily after Donna saying no more dogs, my son gave her her a black lab pup and he is now learning the ropes, Not to take the place of, but in addition to the many fine memories we have if Duke, Who knows what life will bring and there may be another life come into yours and you can start more love and memories like we are. Hope to see and meet you fine folks in the future. Sam & Donna