Wednesday, February 8, 2012


LB working hardWe’ve had an unusually calm week here at Justin’s.  The only “chore” on the agenda was to test the washer and dryer to make sure they worked – and they do.  So, we’ve managed a daily hike in the desert, Odel’s been out on the links, we saw “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” (mixed feelings), visited Safeway. 

And we met Brenda and David Bott, of Outside Our Bubble.  I first connected with the Botts a few years back, when I followed a link about a RV’ers cruise they were putting together, and I have read their blog off and on since then… and they have done the same.  We planned a meet-up in Quartzsite in January 2011 (didn’t work out) and again in January 2012 (didn’t work out).  The third time was charmed, and we spent a few very pleasant hours talking with Brenda and David on Superbowl Sunday (early in the day, of course). 

Brenda and David are two decades younger than Odel and I, and work via the internet.  David is an avid conversationalist who spoke freely about his concerns for the future (their own, and the country’s), and it was very interesting to listen to the viewpoint of a person different from me in many ways.  In the RV world, unless we are with close friends, we usually avoid political topics, but as we sat in the desert sunshine, we felt our way into usually difficult discussions with respect and interest.  “Civil discourse” is the term than came to mind, and the couple of hours we spent together gave me interesting food for thought.  It was a very enjoyable meeting.  Thanks for the visit, Botts. 

With just a little more effort…

… we got David to pose for a photo.

David expounds with Brenda and Odel David, Brenda Bott, Odel

Other than that… oh, let’s see, I *did* back up my blogs and do my usual monthly computer maintenance: virus scan, malware scan, and backups of both computers, my least favorite job other than doing our taxes!  I mention this only as a reminder to those of you who intend to back up your computers, but procrastinate… :)

Tomorrow morning, very early, Odel will drop me off at the airport for a week-long stay in Sacramento.  He has at least a couple days of golf planned; I’ll be visiting my family and checking out Rosanna’s new place.  See you when I get back.

That baby's sharp Odel on the Starr Pass trail


  1. Have a wonderful trip and a great visit with your family :)....nice to meet fellow bloggers !!

  2. I've given up on the political situation and have intentionally become out of touch. I guess I could sit and listen though.

    Enjoy your visit Laurie...enjoy your golf Odel.


  3. Oh...I can't wait to get there. It looks BEAUTIFUL. We will be there around March 5. If you are still there, we would love to get together for a visit. I promise...we won't talk about politics or religion. We make those two off limits unless we are very close to those we are talking with. Enjoy the sunshine and the hikes.

  4. I'm more than a procrastinator with the back up stuff. :P One of these days...

  5. Hm. Ok, "Conversationalist"? or "Conservationist"?
    Only speaking for myself of course, I can sometimes be quite the "Conversationalist", and have been known to blather on to no end. Probably since I don't encounter that many English speakers in these parts.
    And now to be more of a devil's advocate, if the sentence had stopped after, "David is an avid conversationalist, and spoke freely..." and then stopped right there, it would have made perfect sense. But then I had to change gears when you continued. He's worried about our future? Huh?
    It's a fun language isn't it?
    You can blast me. It's OK, I'm just being an arse.
    Keep having fun!

  6. I set a monthly reminder to do the back up. That way it actually gets done about every 3 months.

  7. Great to hear That Odel's knee is coming along nicely. That is just fantastic. Enjoy your week in Sacremento!

  8. Always nice to meet up in person with a new fellow RVer and blogger! We must meet up some day with you guys!

  9. Have a great trip to visit your family Laurie. We are hoping to see you two when you get back.

    Don't leave that Pretty Man to long someone will snatch him up lol.

    Take Care

  10. We remember those great trails at Doc Justin's and the well placed benches!

    We're being cave tour hosts at Kartchner Caverns State Park these days! Very fun getting free tours as we work!

    Enjoy sunny and warm Tucson!

    Odel, found any good clam chowder lately?! :)