Saturday, December 17, 2011


We weren’t in Indio long, but made the most of our time here.  We’re well stocked (some might say overstocked) with holiday food and drink (thanks, Costco and Trader Joe’s), and took care of some other shopping, too – you can find EVERY kind of store here.  We enjoyed our hike at Palm Canyon, something I had wanted to do for quite awhile.

IMG_4146And we got to do something ELSE I have wanted to do for quite awhile: we had lunch with Rick and Paulette!  Rick writes one of my favorite blogs, Rick and Paulette’s Travels, a chronicle of his daily doings at home and on the road – with a heavy dose of computer tech tips written in language a non-techie can understand.  

This year, unlike years past, Rick and Paulette left their home on Vancouver Island to head to southern California prior to Christmas, which meant they were settled into their winter RV park while we made our way south.  When it was clear we would be in the same area at the same time, I wasted no time setting up a lunch date.

We met at the Fisherman’s Market in La Quinta, a place Rick and Paulette had heard about but had never visited.  I don’t remember any of us discussing the food we ordered and ate – we were so busy talking about travels, RV parks, golf (Rick’s next stop was a golf shop, to pick up a set of clubs), blogging and bloggers (were your ears burning?) - and politics (GASP)!    The conversation NEVER flagged; we had a great time.  I don’t know when out paths will cross again, but I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet in person.

Yesterday morning was devoted to our Costco shopping trip.  It took almost as long to find space for our purchases once we came home as it did to do our shopping!  Afterwards, we had intended to stretch our legs on another hike, but Odel quickly capitulated when I suggested we attend opening day of the fourth – and very favorably reviewed – Mission Impossible movie (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), showing on an IMAX screen in Rancho Mirage.  Off we went for 2+ hours of pure escapist entertainment.   We both found it hugely entertaining and exited the theatre full of energy… which lasted almost all the way home!  :) 


  1. Heading to Indio today, will follow your example for lunch at fisherman's and the movie.
    Hope it's not too windy on the drive.

  2. Hi, guys! We met up with Rick and Paulette a couple of years ago, liked 'em! Now we gotta meet up with you two. Know what you mean about Costco. You can't go in for just a couple of things; you're sure to drop a bundle in order to buy a bundle!

  3. Now there is a luncheon I would love to have attended!

  4. How fun to meet up with your favorite blog people. I can't wait until I have the chance to do that. Your blog and Rick's blog are both a couple of my favorite blogs.

  5. Paulette and I had a wonderful time meeting up with you and Odel - that was a fun lunch for sure!

    Plus, the food was excellent, just as you said it would be.

    That blog pic? Talk about a 'thorn between two roses'!!

  6. I saw the other pictures on Rick and Paulette's blog. You four are sure photogenic! Glad you had a wonderful lunch with lots of great conversation!

  7. What fun, Laurie! We plan to see Warhorse while in Desert Hot Springs and maybe now we will have to check out the BIG movie of escapism as well. Of course, meeting up with Rick and Paulette is big on the list...a close second to getting in that HOT gorgeous pool at the Catalina Spa and Resort. 8 more days till we hit the road!

  8. how great that you got to meet one of your favourite bloggers..Rick is one of the most informative and entertaining bloggers out there..he has quite the following!!