Monday, August 22, 2011


Before I forget, I want to thank Mike for leaving a comment on my previous post, suggesting a book for the Kindle, Happier Than A Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week by Nadine Hays Pisani.  For only $2.99, I figured it was worth a look.  Mike, I LOVE it!  Nadine is hilarious!  I’ve subscribed to her blog, too – always nice to have a good laugh arrive periodically on Google Reader.  Great suggestion – thanks much!

When we left Newport on Friday, we cruised down Hwy 101 in sunshine, heading for Winchester Bay.  We’ve traveled the entire length of Hwy 101 at one time or another, and I always think of the coastal Oregon portion as a pleasant ride with fantastic views.  And it is… but my memory conveniently edits the twists and turns, the portions with no shoulder, the narrow tunnels and bridges.  It must be a nightmare to maintain!

Slide zone on 101 IMG_3200

Metal mesh covers the rock face beyond the “Slides” sign.

Lots of bike riders, not much shoulder.

Narrow tunnels – and there is a big truck in this one!

The sand dunes south of Florence creep towards the road.

Tunnel on 101 Florence Dunes

Our trip from Newport to Winchester Bay was just 77 miles, but took a bit over 2 hours – average speed: 38 mph!  Fortunately for the people behind us, passing lanes and pullouts appear reasonably frequently and we take full advantage of them.

While Odel negotiated the challenging road, I enjoyed views of the ocean in bright sunshine.  As we approached Winchester Bay, a few puffs of fog appeared, thickening as we passed through Reedsport.  We turned the corner towards the harbor into a blast of cold wind and fog, watching the temperature drop from the upper 60’s to 54 degrees!  Hey, isn’t this August??

Foggy morning at Winchester BayWe’ve visited here several times, often when our friends in the Roving Rods are holding their annual crab fest (click here to read about our last visit in September of 2009).   There is plenty to do in close proximity to this little town (click here to read about one of my favorite excursions, riding a speeding sand rail on the Florence Dunes). This time, we came just to spend a couple quiet days relaxing. 

After a visit to the dump station, we settled into a site facing the marina on Pier C (click here to read our 2009 review of the dry camping options at Winchester Day; click here to read our 2009 review of the county campground, Windy Cove B).

The fog and fierce wind stuck with us all afternoon and evening; I wore a fleece hat and heavy sweatshirt for our afternoon walk.  Thick fog when we awoke – which finally lifted around 10:30, when we took off for a hike at Sunset Beach State Park, west of Coos Bay.  Once again, we drove south in brilliant sunshine, only to smack up against a fog bank as we neared the ocean.  We cut our planned hike a little short and headed home – oh, so happy to find sunshine at Winchester Bay!

Fog at Sunset Beach State ParkThough we had a sunny afternoon, we decided to cut our visit short.  This might seem crazy to readers who have suffered through the long, hot summer in most of the country, but we want a bit of SUN and HEAT.  I can count on one hand the number of days we have needed A/C this summer – and yes, that IS a good thing - but hey… fog??  High’s in the 50’s??  Chilling winds??

So, we’ve headed inland once again, back to Umpqua Golf & RV Resort (click here to read our review from earlier this summer).  At 3:30, as I write, it’s 83 degrees and sunny.  Odel played a round of golf earlier today; I planned tomorrow’s trip along the Umpqua River Scenic Byway – sightseeing, hiking and picnicking in SUNSHINE.

Now, I’m heading back outdoors to my lounge chair and the next chapter of Happier than a Billionaire – and wonder how many billionaires are happier than I am.


  1. If I was riding that twisty coastal road, I would have to be in Depends...I do love Oregon, but yes, it can be very misty (sounds nicer than fog, eh?) and cool. Sounds like you remedied that situation and you both are outside catching some your photos!

  2. We went to Lake Alamo with the Roving Rods but then never heard of any other get togethers. Glad you found your sunshine. I wouldn't like more than a day or two of fog and 50's either. However, we were at 99 today and I'm getting tired of those hot days, too. I WANT UTOPIA!!

  3. did you go through the tunnel when the truck was in it or did you wait??? the oregon coast but parts of the 101 leave a bit to be desired!!

  4. You took great advantage of what I think is one of the most wonderful things about full timing, having whatever temperatures and back yard you choose.

    Really love your pictures and all the information you provide for your readers. I checked out Nadine's blog too.

    Many thanks.

  5. Stop by Jojoba for sun and fun in the pool. Temps have been 90-104 but mostly 90-95. Of course, cooler at night.

  6. I think I just commented on a post from June. Anyway, that last picture is gorgeous!

  7. Sue and Doug: we went through with the truck, but VERY slowly! I loved the height signs plastered on the entrance...!

  8. Too Funny! I have been reading your blog all summer and thinking "next summer-Oregon!" I want no part of the heat.

  9. We went through some of those tunnels, but we were in our rented Ford Escape! I wondered at the sign regarding "bicycles in tunnel"--If I was riding a bike, I would make darn sure there were no other vehicles when I pedaled like heck to get through! Enjoy your sun!!


  10. Yes the 101 has some very scary sections that's for sure... I would welcome the cold right now. I can always put on more clothes but when I take them off I get arrested! LOL LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  11. What a lovely blog. Thank you so much for the kind words about my book Happier Than A Billionaire. I can see you are much like me, the adventurous spirit that keeps searching for something new.

    I also had a wonderful cat that I took from the states down to Costa Rica. He sat on my lap every morning while I wrote my book. It was so hard when he passed, but I am glad he got to share a piece of this journey with me.

    All my best,
    Nadine Hays Pisani
    Happier Than A Billionaire (and I mean that!!!!)

  12. I don't blame you guys looking for some sun! This has got to be the coolest summer along the Oregon coast we've ever had! (Not really complaining though!)
    Great pics of the Aquarium!
    And we're so glad the Clam Chowder was a hit!
    We both wished we had that, too! :)
    Next time!
    Safe and happy travels,
    PS We had 78 degrees here in Newport yesterday! YAY!!!

  13. great post I currently travel vicariously through all my blogger friends....until I"m on the road fulltime myself...stay safe!!

  14. Very nice photography, you have a great eye for composition. Brings back memories of when we were there ourselves not too long ago.

    Nice job, I enjoy your blog.