Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sunrise in YumaHere on the far western edge of the Mountain Time Zone, sunrise comes very late – 7:30 or so.  This morning, when I rolled over and peeked out my bedside window at that time, the world had a pinkish cast.  I scrambled out of bed and into clothing in time to get a shot of the spectacular sunrise.  Wow!  Five minutes later, just dull gray clouds.

When I last wrote, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a General Delivery package – two identical, used, LG “feature” phones (which I called “dumb” phones recently, but have since been educated) mailed to me by a very kind Boomer who read of my phone accident.   The package arrived right on time – but of course we went to the wrong post office, the one 12 miles away, instead of the one practically next door.

As soon I we got home with the package, I plunked myself down on the sofa and was soon surrounded by boxes, charging cords, instruction manuals and packing materials.  It took just a few hours to activate the new (used) phone with my phone number, deactivate my old phone and pack it for recycling (drop it into the mailbox in a free mailer),  download my contacts list from the Verizon website to the new phone, and “pair” my new Bluetooth headset with my new phone.  Eek, I’m a geek!

I spent almost as much time rounding up the charger cords that went with the old phone (which can be discarded), labeling all the new charger cords (a 110v. for the new phone, a 12v. for the new phone, and a 110v. for the Bluetooth headset), and replacing the old user guides with the new.  Then I spent the rest of the evening playing with the new phone, which has some cool stuff my old phone didn’t (though they are about the same age) – including a tip calculator.  :)

Cabbages Lettuce field

Unlike today, when it is cool and sprinkling, yesterday was gorgeous – approaching 70 degrees, sunny, with very little wind.  We drove from our site in the Foothills out to the Boomers encampment at Mittry Lake north of Yuma to visit during happy hour.  In the past, when we have visited Yuma over New Year’s, we have always boondocked with the gang at Mittry.  This year, we are so happy on our little full-hookup site in the Foothills that our intent is wavering and we’ve been commuting instead.

Field of green lettuce Purple lettuce

Once on the north side of I-8, the drive out to Mittry is beautiful on a sunny day.  This is the land of winter greens: lettuces of all kinds, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli.  If you are having a salad today, chances are your lettuce came from Yuma.  The dark green, bright green, and purple crops are a colorful – and mouthwatering - counterpoint to the jagged, arid mountains in the distance.  It is a very appealing side of Yuma.


  1. Let me just say...I am WAY more of a geek than you...You are doing just great..! My phone doesn't even deserve the name "Dumb""Stupid is more like it!!

  2. ooh, I love the photos of the lettuces and cabbages. Soooo pretty! Glad to see you found something nice to see there in Yuma and had some sunny weather as well.

  3. Oh, cool - I just had some USA lettuce!

  4. I love the shot of the cabbages! What are those red/purple vegies in you last picture on the right? It truly looks like America's salad bowl! :)

  5. playing with the new phone/ cool new stuff!?!?

    careful! I see a techno geek lurking deep inside...

  6. I never knew they could grow anything in Arizona!

  7. Judy, those purple vegies are lettuce! You can't believe the varieties of lettuce grown around here, including some I have never seen in stores (like those purple ones). Where the heck are they sold??

  8. a bowl of salad right here in your blog :-)

  9. Be sure and eat at Eats, an excellent Chinese buffet in Yuma. It's in our top five, and that's from cities all over America. Lucky you to figure out all that tech stuff with your new/used phone.