Monday, September 27, 2010


A 14We haven’t done a whole heck of a lot the past couple days – just drive Interstate 15 and eat potatoes!

We’ve been doing what I think of as “positioning”… positioning ourselves for something more fun that what we’re currently doing.  Our target is Capitol Reef National Park, now just one day away – but we wanted to visit Costco and a well supplied grocery store before we arrived.

The day we left Ririe (and received the gift of potatoes), we spent the night in Fort Hall, an Indian reservation north of Pocatello, at the Fort Hall Casino RV Campground (click here to read our review and see photos).  Nothing special, but it had hookups to keep us cool on a hot day and easy access to the Costco in nearby Pocatello.

We were hungry when we hit Costco, and we gave their Saturday sample tables a workout.  They snared us with a marinated tri-tip, which ended up in our basket and, later, on our grill.  Breakfast, before we took off on Sunday, was tri-tip and Idaho potato hash!

Sites 1-10 Around 250 miles later, we were in a site at Canyon View RV Park (click here to read our review and see photos), a small, inexpensive, municipal campground in Spanish Fork, Utah, a few miles off the interstate.   While Odel played 18 holes on the golf course that surrounds the campground, I visited the grocery store and restocked our supplies… and made German Potato Salad in the crockpot.    Another eight potatoes eaten!

So… the chores are done, let the fun begin!  Capitol Reef, here we come. 


  1. Yum... have you posted your recipe for crockpot German potato salad? Sounds delicious.

    One of my favorite recipes is potato-cheese chowder. Just as good reheated the next day. Make some cheesy garlic biscuits (like Red Lobsters) to go with it (cornbread is good, too)... mmmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it! :-)

    Loved the potato story the other day... so nice to hear about random acts of kindness! Hope you are having a lovely week.

    Kerri in AL :-)

  2. We are also in Utah, heading towards Capitol Reef.

    Any chance of meeting up? I would love to see you guys!


  3. We loved Capitol Reef - we were there in June. We drove the Honda down dirt roads to Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge. I am fascinated by rocks, so I really, really enjoyed those dirt roads.

  4. We love potatoes..actually grew some Yukon Golds in the garden this year...Plus, they are loaded with potassium, which I need! I need to post your German Potato Salad recipe...pulllllllease????

  5. Laurie: Loved the potatoe story. Those are they kind of memories that stick with you. Maybe even on you. Ha!