Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Boerne, Texas (pronounced Burney) has been on our radar screen since we left Sacramento after Thanksgiving.  Why?  Because we LOVE RV Mobile Lube

RV Mobile Lube doing our onsite oil change. We first discovered their services in March of 2007, when we were in Livingston, Texas.  RV Mobile Lube came to our site – SO much better than taking Scoopy into a shop for service.  In April of 2008, we had the full maintenance service done – oil, lube, coolant, filters changed, etc. – in Fredericksburg, Texas.  In both cases, service was excellent, prices were lower than we have paid for similar servicing at the Cummins service centers, and both John and Robert were personable and patient, answering all of our numerous questions. 

There was no question who would get our business this year, and we scheduled a two-day stop-over at Top of the Hill RV Park in Boerne because they allow RV Mobile Lube to do on-site maintenance work.  We made an appointment for servicing at 10:00 am Tuesday.

Site 54 on top of a hill at Top of the Hill RV ParkOur drive on Monday from Hondo to Boerne was short (69.3 miles; 1:28 hours) and uneventful.  Ten miles north of Hondo, hills began to swell out of the flat scrub, and soon we were winding through wooded slopes, over graceful limestone bridges.  The sky was blue, the winds were calm, and a smile returned to my face.

Just one concern marred our travel – Luna’s mysterious malady was returning, following the familiar pattern.  We’d seen her much worse, but it was obvious she was not “herself”.

Our other problem:  the back door (lift gate) of the Jeep doesn’t lock/unlock with our remote any longer!  In fact, the only way to unlock it is to use an emergency manual override switch that Odel can reach by leaning over the back seat.  Most awkward, and not an option for a shorter person – me.  It needs repairing.

It is now Tuesday morning.  John of RV Mobile Lube arrived for his 10 am appointment at 9:30 am, and is finishing up the oil change as I write this.  (By the way, they also have a referral program. If you give 'em a try, tell 'em Odel King sent you.)

Site 54 is a big corner site.  Two picnic tables! I spent a couple hours last night exploring the internet for travel and campground options over the next 10 days as we head east to Lovelady to visit our friends, Buddy and Jackie.  Talking it over this morning, we decided that what we most want to do is stay put. 

Boerne looks like an interesting town, and is in a central location for exploring more of the Hill Country.  We want a chance to take Luna in for follow-up care if it will help with a diagnosis and treatment.  We have a minor issue with our living room slide that I think can be remedied by a mobile RV service person in the area.  Lots of issues – mostly minor, luckily – can be addressed if we are stationary for awhile.  The daily rate here is way more than we usually spend, but we can rationalize the lower weekly rate (still high for us) for the convenience – and the truly lovely site we are in.

I hope my next blog can be good news about Luna!


  1. I sure hope you find out what the problem is with Luna so she can recover and get well soon. Take care!