Thursday, July 30, 2009


A foggy walk on Beverly Beach We awoke to cool, thick fog yesterday morning – what a treat!  We hung around for another visit from Lance, the RV repairman (the refrigerator appears to be healthy once again), then took off down Hwy 101 to explore the coastline south of here. 

With our Oregon State Parks volunteer parking permit (a great perk from our volunteer job), we are able to park free at any Oregon State Park.  Since the entire coastline of Oregon is public land, the drive along Hwy 101 is lined with state park lands: viewpoints, recreation areas, campgrounds and day use areas.  When we reached an area of slightly less fog, we pulled into Beverly Beach State Park and took off on a nice stroll.

Back at the car a few hours later, a woman sitting at the picnic table directly in front of Jules hopped up and asked “Are you Laurie?”.  Hmmmm… she didn’t look familiar at all, but DID seem friendly.  Her next question was directed to Odel: “And are you Odel?”

Odel, Day, and DavidThat was our introduction to Day and David, a warm, enthusiastic couple who recognized us from our blog!  Day and David, who moved to Salem, Oregon, from Minnesota a few years ago, were escaping the high inland temperatures with a trip to the coast.  They had discovered our blog through the RV-Dreams community, so also “know” Howard and Linda, Joann and Doug – and probably many other mutual – virtual - friends through all of our travel blogs. 

What a fun and funny interlude.  We’ve met other blog readers before, either by prearrangement through email or when they happened to be nearby and specifically searched us out.  Yesterday was a first for us, though – pure coincidence, and very welcome.  Thanks, Day and David, for your big hello.

We awoke to fog again this morning, so I hopped up out of bed early.  I had a project in mind!

The Pie Box Frozen Pie, ready to bake. Baked Pie, ready to eat

When we drove from Hood River to Lincoln City, stopping for fresh vegetables and berries along the way, I also picked up an irresistible frozen Marionberry pie.  I dreamed of warming Scoopy on a cold morning by baking the pie in our propane oven – last used months ago!  My vision-of-sugarplums came true this morning.  We’ll be picking up some Tillamook ice cream when we’re out today (visiting the town of Tillamook, as a matter of fact) to top it off.  

I wish Day and David were here to eat it with us!  :)


  1. Hello, How funny that you should meet other blogger buddies by chance. That is so cool and exciting. Sounds like you’re really enjoying the cooler weather... Lucky you! The pie looks very delicious and I am hoping you show us a piece with the ice cream on top... LOL Have fun and safe travels...


  2. What a great story--you guys are such celebs!!

  3. We've enjoyed reading your Blog this summer. We're headed your direction, but sigh, we'll be behind you by a month or so. That Oregon coast line looks wonderful. hugs, J&C