Friday, August 29, 2008


We have seen so much beautiful scenery recently that it is almost impossible for me to pick out the few photos that make it to the blog. Today, though, I am answering a request - to post the photos that will show Jackie the views that she, Buddy, Odel and I missed when we hiked at the top of Independence Pass on a cold, raw, rainy day (obviously, we didn't go too far!).

Here are the snapshots that best capture the last couple of days - captions are below each photo.
I took this photo yesterday, as we drove from Westcliffe to Buena Vista, traveling Highway 50 alongside the Arkansas River heading west. Around 20 miles from this spot, Highway 50 climbs out of the Arkansas River valley and climbs Monarch Pass, traveling through the high mountains in the background.

This is a photo of the Chalk Cliffs. taken from one of our favorite "any day" hikes near Buena Vista. A 10 (or so) mile drive from our RV park, along the base of these cliffs, ends at a stretch of railroad grade from the heydey of mining in this area. The tracks were removed long ago, and now the gentle grade makes a great hiking trail with fabulous views. Nearby, gentle, scenic, and almost exactly 10,000 steps - perfect!

When Jackie and Buddy were our neighbors and hiking buddies earlier this month, we tried to hike the Continental Divide at the top of Independence Pass, but cold, wet, weather turned us back. Today, we met our friends Mark and Kathy to give it another try. It was a great day for the high country. Jackie, this is the view to the west. I felt like we were on top of the world.

Here I am at the top. The view is to the south.

This was our lunch spot, 12,851 feet. Jackie, we didn't go to the HIGHEST point...
we would have needed your tireless leadership for that.

Here's Odel at the top. We hadn't seen Mark and Kathy since our days in South Dakota earlier this summer, so we had a lot of catching up to do. Odel was happy to note that he never had to stop talking, even on the steepest part of the hike!


  1. that camera makes nice picture
    Barry and Jan

  2. Hi Laurie,
    Just catching up on your blog after a while of breaking in a new computer and other things. Enjoyed all of your Colorado posts so much. These photos of the views are just breathtaking.
    Nancy Hurley