Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here is the last pretty travel photo I will be posting for awhile, which captures my feelings when we are traveling... oh boy, oh boy, what's around that bend?

This photo is from our recent stay in Lee Vining - we were exploring the road around Mono Lake in Jules, not Scoopy, when I took this photo. Just as it appears, it was a beautiful, relaxing, day.

Yesterday we arrived at our home Elks Lodge (we are members here), the Placerville, California, Elks. The lodge, quite new, is actually located in Shingle Springs, a town adjacent to Placerville, and home to my (Laurie's) mom and dad. Staying here for a few days before we move to unattractive-but-convenient Cal Expo RV Park, in the middle of Sacramento, makes it easy to visit my parents and rev up to urban speed.

Our mail awaited us at my parents' house when we arrived... about 5 weeks of bills, statements, magazines (wanted and otherwise), health-related questionnaires, blah, blah, blah. A few good items were in the box, too, but it represents several hours of work, so I never get too excited about our mail any longer!

Today's agenda includes a trip to Costco (food and gas), and a trip to Safeway (smaller packages of food). On Tuesday, when we move from here to Cal Expo, we will spend our "economic stimulation" rebate (and then some) on four new tires for Scoopy's rear axle. As patriotic Americans, we are doing our part for the economy, as requested!! I'm sure you will hear about it in the financial news.

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  1. Hi Laurie and Odel,
    Iis coming guess you are really going to be in the heat this coming week. The weather was great today. I am leaving for Boise tomorrow and will be there for two weeks. gordon will be here. If you come to the city let us know. 415-821-9907