Sunday, March 30, 2008


When my sister, Sydney, read my recent blog post about Marfa, she sent me this photo of "Prada Marfa". I had completely forgotten this surreal art installation along the road south from Van Horn to Marfa.

Odel and I zoomed past it so fast that I didn't get a close look, let alone a photo - and there is simply no turning a 60' long diesel pusher/Jeep combo on a narrow, two lane, Texas backroad.

The photo prompted me to Google "Prada Marfa", and I wasn't suprised to find interesting webpages: Prada Marfa and Prada Marfa Update. Check 'em out for a fun look at the art scene in West Texas. Both pages are on an interesting website called which I want to explore in depth as we are traveling in Texas.

Sydney and her husband, Frank, are artists who visited Marfa last year. You can see Sydney's paintings here and Frank's photographs here. Thanks for the photo, and the memory!

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  1. I looked at the Prada Marfa website link, and from there to the Oasis Gas Station link. That looked like a great photo and painting opportunity......too bad it is just "gone".