Friday, November 30, 2007


Look good? Ummmmmmm... you should smell it! Salsa Veracruzana, a delicious, zingy tomato based sauce that I started making after our first RV-ing trip in Mexico, near Veracruz. Dinner tonight: Orange Roughy with Salsa Veracruzana, brown rice, and sauteed fennel.

We're "staying in" tonight. After leaving Gila Bend early this morning, we arrived at one of our favorite state parks, Catalina, just north of Tucson. Thanks to our aircard and the National Weather Service website, we knew that rain was forecast for most of Arizona for the next couple of days, with heavy rain moving in this afternoon.

Between the entrance to Catalina State Park and the campground, a wash crosses the road. We know that this wash can flood during heavy rain, so we set up camp and headed to the grocery store - I don't mind being "stuck" in this lovely park, but food plays heavily into my rainy day fantasies. We came home, stocked up the pantry, and zipped out to get some exercise.

Whoops, too late! The sprinkles turned to rain halfway through our walk.

Well, what's more cozy than a pot of garlic-y something bubbling on the stove? While Odel and Luna entertained each other, I got to work... now it smells fabulous! We're watching the local news/weather as I write this, with HEAVY rain forecast for later tonight. Snow advisory for Mt. Lemon, all sorts of Friday night holiday events cancelled... we don't care, we are PREPARED!

Time to finish dinner.


  1. I love to follow your blog and read about your food and the places to go. 'We would just like to hook on behing you. Looking forward to seeing you at Q

  2. What time is dinner?? By the way when are you going to post your recipe for Salsa Veracruzana???