Wednesday, May 9, 2007


It has been a week since my last post, when we visited beautiful Yosemite National Park. Cal Expo RV Park, our home for the next month, could hardly be more different!

We are parked in a huge gravel parking lot with RV hookups and night lighting that is akin to that of a major shopping center or sports venue: bright light in every window all night long.

On the upside, we are within steps of Sacramento's wonderful bike trail along the American River; we can walk to movies, shopping, the bank, restaurants; and we are close to friends and family.

Because it was our hometown, Sacramento is a good place for us to do all sorts of things we put off during our travels: get the oil changed in the Jeep, schedule minor repairs (or major, which - happily -we don't have this time), shop at favorite stores - all packed in around a busy social agenda. Couldn't tell it from these photos, though!

Here is Luna in a typical evening display of relaxation. She is comfortable at Cal Expo - can you tell? And Odel, in the upper photo... the big grin is because he is grilling hamburgers for our dinner, one of his favorites. So, in spite of the uninspired surroundings, we manage to have a good time!

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