Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I’m a gadget person.  Living in a motorhome, I’ve managed to suppress the impulse to buy every gadget I see (space problems), but every so often I can’t help myself.  Such was the case when we visited Jackie and Buddy and toured their new house in Lovelady, Texas, last month.

The LavNav… I couldn’t help but ask “What is that thing on your toilet lid?”  Each toilet had a palm-sized white “bump” near the top of the raised lid.  Disinfectant?  Mosquito control?  Music player?  No, a nightlight – a totally cool nightlight!  I just HAD to have one, and we received ours in our mail packet at Summerdale.

LavNav Promo Shot

Green Light in our rig

Red light in our rig

Lav Nav Promotional photo Green light - sit down Red light - use standing

What’s so cool about the LavNav?  Click here to read a more professional review, but here is our experience:

To keep our bedroom dark at night, we don’t use a night light in the bathroom, and the little “toilet room” is often pitch black.  Odel is very conscientious about the seat position, but every so often the seat is “up” when I, in the dark, sit down.  What an uncomfortable and unwelcome surprise!

The LavNav solved both problems.  In the motionless dark, the light, mounted (using a self-stick pad) near the top of the toilet lid, is off.  When the door is opened, the motion detector turns on the light, a nice dim glow.  Green?  The seat is down.  Safe to sit.  As you can see in the photo, the entire toilet seat is bathed in light.  Red?  The seat is up.  Don’t sit!  Instead of bathing the seat toilet in red light, the light is directed down – a “target”, so to speak.  :)

I LOVE it!  We paid around $22 for our, I think, but I see that it is available through amazon.com for $19.95.  Too cool!


Add another state to the map!  Around 5 pm, after our long day in the I-10 traffic jam yesterday, we settled into a nicely wooded site (tall pines) in the same park with Doug and JoAnn.  We’re going to be busy, busy, busy over the next few days, visiting, eating, sightseeing.  Last night, we had our first taste of Fried Pickles, surprisingly good!  Today we’re off to see the white “sugar sand” beaches, dodge the vacationing college students, and visit a southern food buffet to fulfill Odel’s desire for fried chicken.  Later, friends.


  1. TOO Funny!!!! Thanks for a laugh first thing in the morning.

  2. Too cool! I'll have to check that NavLav out...one for the RV and one for the house
    (what an aggravation saver!). :-)
    Also, looking forward to hearing about Florida.
    - Mary Ann

  3. Well, you got me!! I saw the headline about gadgets and thought for sure you had found some new, exciting computer gizmo - which I always love to hear about. Then, I open your blog to read about a "toilet light"? I only have one concern, I always thought that 'green' means go! You'd better make sure Odel understands these signals - life is getting way too complicated!!

  4. We always keep the seat and lid down! What light applies to that setup?

  5. Odel's a lucky man - a pretty man, a war hero man, and now, a NAVLAV man......how can it get any better? Strangely, Brenda wants to buy one for me, I have no idea why.
    Have a great time in LA (Lower Alabama)!

  6. I love the NavLav. I don't think it is just for an RV though! But I don't see the humor in it. It is a critical, marriage saving tool.

  7. Finally the answer has been found to a every now and then issue in our otherwise no fuss "good morning-have a good night's sleep" conversations the next day:)

  8. LOVE the light... Your little story made me laugh! What a great idea for those men who just can't remeber or the women who never look! I just love fried pickles... actually anything fried LOL LOL HAve a fun time!!! Don't forget to go to the navel base and visit the Air Museum & Fort... It is great and check online... The Blue Angels may be there practicing and if really lucky they'll be in the museum signing autographs! Also it is just a short ride to Foley, Al to LAmbert's - Home of the hand throwed roll... FUN place to eat! Travel SAfe

  9. What, from green to red just like that....no cautionary amber light in between to warn of a sudden stop. My my, drive & sit safely folks........
    P.S. Gonna have to get us one of those. AL:))