Thursday, July 24, 2008


We did it! As planned, a big group of Boomers (I believe our "pod" - like a group of whales - consisted of 7 rafts with 7 people in each), took to the white water yesterday afternoon for an adventure on the Arkansas River. Boy, did we get WET!

The day started sunny and warm but, as seems to be usual around here, clouded up by the time our river adventure began in the afternoon. No matter - it could have poured the whole time and we would not have been any wetter. Fortunately, you can rent a wet suit and river booties for only $4, which I did and for which I was grateful. Once I managed to squeeze myself into the full body suit, I couldn't wait to get to the water to cool off!

Of the 7 rafts, 2 were "oar boats" - an experienced raft guide sat in the center and piloted the craft with two long, sweeping oars. The other 5 were "paddle boats" - the guide sat in the back yelling instructions to the passengers, each of whom held a paddle. They piloted the raft.

Odel and I chose an oar boat (also called a "wimp boat" by some of the other Boomers). Here I am, leisurely waving to Barry McAllister, a Boomer in the raft behind ours, who provided these photos. I think I was still dry at this point, but the ride (as seen in the top photos) took care of that quickly!

It was a fun trip, 11 miles, just a couple of hours. Lots of laughing, screaming, and occasional quiet contemplation of the lovely canyon. We went home wet and tired, just like kids.

This morning, both Odel and I were up EARLY (6 am). He had a golf date at 8:22 am; I had a hiking date at 8:00 am. 6:00 am came way too early and, in the cool morning temperatures, staying in bed seemed like a really good idea.

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors, though, and soon I was on my way to the campground where the Boomers more hearty than we are have been fighting the mosquitos for the past several days. Nancy Geno (another Boomer wimping out at a full-hookup RV park) and I arrvied, joined the group, and we took off uphill, hoping to leave the mosquitos behind.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! No way! I hiked in long pants, calf-high socks and boots, a long sleeved cotton shirt covered with a short sleeved nylon shirt, a repellant-soaked bandanna tied around my neck, and a hat. Nancy sprayed me down with repellant and the little buggers STILL landed on me. Look closely, you can count at least 5 mosquitos on my leg as I paused long enough to take a picture.
I even ATE a mosquito that was inhaled when it got too close... UGH!

We pressed on, though, anxious to prepare our bodies for the pizza party planned at the city park (no mosquitos) later in the day, and eventually crossed the 10,000' elevation level - first time I have done that in awhile.

I got home a bit after noon, stripped off my sweaty, Deep Forest Off soaked clothes, and jumped into the shower for a long hot one. When Odel got home, we tossed our clothes into the washer. There is a lot to be said for full hookups!


  1. How fun that looks!!

  2. Paws & HoovesJuly 27, 2008 at 7:23 AM

    Way to go, "Wimpy or no" -- we'd be with you all the way!!! FUN except for the mosquitoes!!!!

  3. Enjoyed your reports on the rafting Boomers. Sounds like it was a great adventure. Wish we had been there.
    Nancy and Jerry

  4. Like I told Sue Pace, you guys have all the fun, we want to go white water rafting too!! Those mosquitos look huge! Hopefully, you are now in a place that is mosquito free.

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron