Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Our site at Little Bennett Regional Park All is quiet here at Little Bennett Regional Park (click here to read our campground review).  The Memorial Day campers are long gone, and even their trash, overflowing from the dumpsters, has been picked up.  Odel is on the golf course, and I am sitting in our leafy glade, listening to old rock on the radio.  Quite peaceful!

Our two-day drive from Cincinnati to Clarksburg, Maryland, 30 miles north of Washington, DC, was uneventful.  We spent some of it on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a toll road with limited access, unlike most of the highways we travel.  I’m not sure why we had to pay to use it ($19.70), as the surface was just as bad as the “free” interstate miles we traveled.

This isn’t a sightseeing visit.  We came this far east to visit with Odel’s daughter and her family, and are otherwise doing our usual “stuff”: groceries, dealing with the mail we received in our forwarded packets, walking.  The weather hasn’t been conducive for outdoor activities: hot and humid.  I know everyone laughs about the westerner’s mantra, “but it’s a dry heat!” – but give me 100 degrees and dry over 88 degrees and humid any day!

In lieu of the usual travel report, I have a product review:  “As Seen On TV”, Heel-Tastic. 

TV Heel TasticNot long ago (after I got my pedicure in the Dallas airport), I put away my winter shoes and got out my sandals.  My toes looked great, but my heels – HELP!  All dried out and cracked, yellowish – you get the picture, and maybe you’ve seen it yourself on your own heels, eh?  Odel’s were even worse, which I wouldn’t have thought possible.

On a trip to Target, I saw the “As Seen On TV” section, which always fascinates me – such oddball items, of such low quality, with so little chance of doing what they promise, yet they seem so inviting!  A small display of Heel-Tastic sat on the shelf, calling my name.  The photos!  The promises!  Just $9.99.  I put it in my cart.  I put it back.  I dithered.  Finally, I bought it.

We LOVE it.  It comes in a stick, with a buttery texture, so is quick and easy to apply.  The scent is grassy and herbal, not too medicinal, and it’s quite oily – we both have special sox we put on after applying it, or flip-flops.  Odel uses it daily, I use it when I need it – and our heels look great, with even the biggest cracks healing.  So, that’s what’s up with us lately – solving senior “body-image” problems.  :) 

We’ll be here until Sunday, when we’ll be heading north to wherever the weather is cooler.  See you then!


  1. Man I needed that heel stick in Tucson. After eight months away, I still have dry feet. I'll look into that.

  2. One of my favorite ways of dealing with dry feet is walking miles along a hard sandy beach. Three or four miles in that and all dry foot skin issues have been abraded away and my cardiologist suddenly likes me, too. :) New Smyrna Beach, FL and Hatteras, NC are my two most favorite spots.

    Grand Isle, Louisiana used to be one, but the sand is especially oily these days. Just because it looked nice for the President last Friday, don't be fooled. BP had over 100 employees cleaning the area the press and prez visited for 36 hours prior to their arrival.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll get some Heel Tastic...I could sure use some help there!

  4. Oh I was wondering if that stuff really worked. I think I will grab a stick next time I see them. I think most Walgreens have an "As Seen On TV" section.

    I once saw those EZ Comb hair clips on TV and my mom bought me a set as a present. They are GREAT for my long hair and I like them better than any hair clips or rubber bands. So I guess sometimes that stuff we see on infomercians are really good.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. That heel-tastic sounds good. I have that problem all the time. Good find.

  6. That is a great product review and I appreciate you sharing your experience with it. I am going to get some now, too!!