Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After I posted the earlier blog, I began to explore Tom Sawyer’s website, new since the last time I looked.  They have a useful page of information about the location of the park and why/when it periodically floods.  Using links and information they provided, I see that the weather service forecast calls for the Mississippi River to rise sufficiently to flood the RV park beginning on 5/7/2010 – no surprise given the copious, record breaking rainfall in eastern Arkansas and western and central Tennessee this past weekend.  Since I know many of our blog readers enjoy Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi River RV park as we do, thought I’d pass this information along. 


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  1. Thanks Laurie... We do love Tom Sawyers but we won't be in that area for some time... It is one of our favorite parks and we just love Memphis... oh and the ribs... oh and the fried chicken... oh and Bealle Street... and so much more! Have fun & travel safe