Saturday, February 6, 2010


A sunny day at the Bartees'. Look at this!  Sunshine!  Glorious sunshine!

We had planned to leave Boerne on Wednesday, but the weather was SO BAD – pouring rain and wind – that we decided to stay another day and hope the weather cleared.  It rained all night Wednesday night and, after 36 nonstop hours of rain, we developed a leak: the skylight in the shower began to drip.  Drip, drip, drip… but, if water is going to come in somewhere, where better than an area designed for drips?  We didn’t even need to set a bucket in place!

See Odel up on the roof in this photo?  He is in determined DIY mode, scraping and caulking in the sunshine.  Since rain is forecast again before long, finding and fixing the leak is a priority.

Is the sun peeking through? Even though it continued to rain Thursday, we wanted to GET MOVING.  We drove through pouring rain and filthy road spray to the tiny town (population 298) of Carmine, Texas, about half way to our goal, Lovelady, Texas.  The rain finally ended overnight, and we were on the road early Friday.  As we continued east, the sun peeked through the clouds long enough to illuminate the road ahead, and I snapped a photo of the blessed event. :)  It was the end of the big storm (now dumping feet of snow along the east coast), at last.

Soon we were settled into our customary spot at the Bartees’ house.  On prior visits, I would have said “our customary spot on the Bartees’ property” – but they have a beautiful new home, built since we last visited in April of 2008.  It is perfect for this setting and, because they carefully built within the existing trees, looks like its been here for years. 

We plan to visit for several days, so I’ll have more photos of this relaxing spot.  Now, though, Odel has finished his work up top, so we’re off to enjoy a walk in the sunshine.


  1. It seems repairs are even part of this lifestyle...but so much easier then on the old stationary home ever was.

    We are now having a wet few days in the Desert Hot Springs, California area, but the sunshine is predicted to return tomorrow!

  2. I was wondering if you guys would travel with all the rain. Wish we could have had better weather for your travel days but we sure need the water in all the lakes.

    A leak is not good. Leaking in the shower is the only place to have a leak. Odel, hope you checked for other potential leaky spots while on top.