Saturday, October 31, 2009


Parking on the Slab at Cal Expo RV ParkOnce again, we’re settled in Cal Expo RV Park (click here to read our prior review) in Sacramento, staying through Thanksgiving.   Sacramento was our “hometown” before hitting the road on April Fool’s Day, 2003, so we know our way around.  As usual during stays in Sacramento, blogging will be sporadic… we don’t do much touring around here. 

This month, our calendar is unusually jammed.  Since we didn’t return last November (unlike all other years of travel), I have EIGHT medical appointments scheduled!  It sounds as though I am barely dragging along, doesn’t it?  But no, they all are “preventative maintenance”, along with a follow up on last spring’s cataract surgery.  Of course, the fun part of the stay is visiting family and friends!

An afternoon walk along the American River levee adjacent to the RV park.Our new neighbors were horrified yesterday afternoon when we showed up, backing into the space immediately adjacent to their “door” side.  They apologetically informed us that they would be hosting a big, loud, wild party tonight, now unfortunately jammed into the small space between their rig and ours.  If we hadn’t been staying for a month, we would have moved over a few spaces – but this particular site works well for us and we had reserved it weeks ago.

Tonight, party they did!  These people are at least our age, as were all the guests - and they knew how to have fun, whooping over stories from their many years of friendship.  The hosts set up the well-stocked bar between our rig and theirs, but moved the dinner table around to the other side of their rig – a smart and thoughtful arrangement.  We were invited over for drinks, but were content to simply stick our heads out our windows, joking with the guests partying below us, acting generally tolerant and sociable.  When they moved around to the other side of the rig, the noise level lessened considerably.

Nothin' fancy at this RV park - just a few acres of gravel and good electricity!A short time later, in a backwards twist on “Trick or Treat”, a knock on our door turned out to be the tipsy guest of honor, a husband celebrating 45 years of marriage, with a huge, loopy smile on his face and two glasses of champagne in his hands – for us!  Thirty minutes later, another knock: our neighbor, with a HUGE piece of homemade pound cake in her hands – for us!  Now, that’s the kind of trick or treating I like – stay home in stretchy pants with shoes off and have the goodies come to us. 

Happy Halloween, all!  I’m off to change the clocks and regain that lost hour of sleep.

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