Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We had an easy drive yesterday from Canby to Hood River, under 100 miles.  Ranger Davey met us at the Visitor Center (where we will work) at the west terminus of the Columbia River Gorge Historic Trail (a paved multi-use trail).  We each got a set of keys to unlock the various gates and doors we will encounter as we work, then we drove on up to our site at the head of the trail.

This will be “home”for the next 2 months, while we volunteer as Trail Hosts.  Hover your cursor over any photo for a description:

Host Site, looking east to west
Host Site, looking west to east

Our "yard" - lots of privacy!
Our view to the bridge and Columbia River
Deerbush and roses in the yard Look closely on the hillside to spot the five deer we saw this morning.

After we settled in, we visited the post office to arrange to receive our General Delivery mail; to Indian Creek Golf Course to verify that players 65 and older (Odel) can play this gorgeous course Monday through Thursday for just $25; and to a nearby grocery store to check out their offerings.  Back home, we headed out on the trail for our daily 10,000 steps – right outside our door!

Monday and Tuesday are our days off.  Wednesday through Sunday we staff the Visitor Center from 10 am to 2 pm and take care of the building and the trail (don’t know the details yet).  Since Ranger Davey (Matt) is off on Wednesday and Thursday, we’re going to meet him this morning to learn about the visitor center duties and (we hope) how to operate the Gator that we will use to “patrol” the trail and blow away the debris.  There will be a bicycle race on the trail on Friday (a time trial for the Mount Hood Cycling Classic), so we want to have it in good shape!

Off to meet the Ranger…


  1. Looks like you have a really nice spot for the next few months!

  2. Are you boondocking for 2 months?
    Doesn't look like there are many hook ups there?
    But it sure looks beautiful!!

  3. Ha, ha, ha! Donna, we would NEVER boondock for 2 months (probably not even two weeks). There is just one site here, up on a hill above the visitor center, at the beginning of the trail. We have FHU with 50 amps. Luxury!

  4. it looks like you'll are going to have fun

  5. Great setup, enjoy!
    Fred & Jo

  6. Wow! What a campsite! If you get tired of the job, let us know!
    Doug & JoAnn

  7. Hey you two,

    Did I miss something? Didn't know you were going to do that. You probably kept it quiet so no one else would be tempted to go for such a great job and get it before you!

    What an awesome site and locale. You definitely have snagged a great job. I'm jealous.

    Have fun.