Sunday, January 11, 2009


Our RV'ing friends are streaming into the southwest from all directions, and yesterday we enjoyed visits with some of them.

Except for very strong winds through the mountain passes and canyons, it was a great day for a road trip. We took off from home at 9:30 am to meet JoAnn and Doug at a favorite restaurant in La Quinta at 11 am. At 11:15, they still had not arrived - or called. That didn't seem like them, so I finally gave 'em a call.

After an extremely confused conversation - where I expected JoAnn to tell me they were almost to the restaurant, and she expected me to say the same - we determined that we both were in the parking lot of a Fisherman's Market, next door to Trader Joes... but they were in Palm Desert and we were in Indio, 10 miles east!

Shortly after 11:30, we had that problem solved - Odel and I went tearing over to Palm Desert - and enjoyed a delicious lunch of fried fish and fried shrimp, with french fires and cole slaw. We all cleaned every last scrap off our plates.

JoAnn and Doug are currently boondocking in Anza Borrego, near where Odel and I stayed for a few days last winter with Richard and Marlene Dopp - where Richard got us hooked on building an earth oven. Coincidentally, Richard and Marlene were camped for an overnight at Lake Cahuilla County Park, not far from our lunch spot.

After lunch, when JoAnn and Doug took off to run errands, we headed over to visit the Dopps. As we arrived, they were strolling around the campground with another Boomer friend, Chris Christiansen. We spent the rest of a very fine afternoon catching up with each other's news and making plans to meet at Q when Odel's treatments end and we head out.

Odel has just 9 treatments left. Number 9 will be tomorrow, and we are counting down! Nine, eight, seven... by a week from Monday, he will be on treatment 4, and we hope to leave here on 1/23. Meanwhile, I have a trip to Sacramento planned. You might notice a lag in the blog - but soon the REAL fun will begin again. :)

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