Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Port Townsend is one of our favorite places. Good energy here! The town seems populated with creative people who care about their community, the environment, art, food... stuff we like, too.

This particular visit has been especially fun because we got to visit with our friends Ann and David, and their gang of wine-appreciating, food-loving friends. Now, here is something you don't see every day:

Crispin B. Hollinshead (yes, that really is his name) has been growing a beard for 35 years. When I first saw him, it was "styled" into an interesting vortex that immediately grabbed my attention. He posed for this series to show us all how to create a unique beard "do".

First, stretch the beard. (I am fairly certain the tongue stretch is optional.)

Next, twist, twist, twist... Make the beard into a tight twist that practically knots itself up. Crispin had a little rubber band to hold the twist into a tight little ball, which he then...

...poked around behind itself, creating this tidy sort of french twist. Crispin, thanks for your cheerful demonstration.

We had planned to leave Port Townsend this morning, but received one more invitation that we could not pass up: Elaine and Mary were returning from their salmon fishing trip with salmon, both fresh and smoked, and Ann and David were hosting the dinner party at their place. Yeah, yeah, yeah, more great food, great wine, great company, sunshine and the water view... and for this, we passed up a night in a gravel parking lot in Kelso, Washington? Port Townsend - it makes you crazy.

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